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100% GreenPower, 100% of your electricity.

Go beyond carbon neutral

Flow Power makes being greener, simpler. With just your electricity bill, you’re helping create Australia’s renewable energy future.   

When you sign up for Power Renewable Home, for every kilowatt of energy you use, an equivalent amount of renewable energy is added to the grid on your behalf, offsetting the carbon emissions created from your household energy use. 

How GreenPower works

GreenPower accredits renewable energy from entirely renewable sources and a way for households and businesses to be confident that they are accessing 100% renewable energy and supporting renewable generation in Australia.

For each unit of electricity you use, Flow Power will ensure that the same amount of clean, renewable energy is generated on your behalf through the GreenPower program – a form of virtual greening of the energy you purchase. 

How are we different to other GreenPower providers?

Most retailers only offer GreenPower as an additional extra and offer it in small increments, such as 10% or 50% – which typically comes at an optional price premium for the customer Power Renewable Home, however, comes with an automatic 100% GreenPower included in your energy plan to offset the emissions created from your electricity use. For us, renewable energy is not optional.  

With Power Renewable Home you are directly linked to a renewable generator that sends green energy into the grid on your behalf. Your generator could be a clean energy project such as the Karadoc Solar Farm or the wind farm at the Hepburn Energy Park.  

Other GreenPower products draw from a pool of GreenPower certificates making it harder to see where your GreenPower comes from.  

Feel good with Flow Power, knowing your energy plan and usage increases the demand for more generators to be built and helps the Australian energy mix transition to a cleaner fuel source. 

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